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Zankel Building 2nd Floor, Main Hallway

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Macon Reed

Physical Education: Mind, Body, Ghost!, 2018


255 inches x 98 inches

Physical Education: Minds, Bodies, Ghosts extends from Macon Reed's works about physical education as a site of learning about social norms and hierarchies, in addition to relationships to competition, our bodies, and power dynamics. The hovering dress form on the right-hand side of the wall-painting is a nod to the college's origins as a "Normal School" for women in the 1800's.  The mural offers a "queered" physical education classroom and asks us to conjure what these spaces can and do really teach us about our bodies and one another. The playful colors of the the familiar sculptural environment contrasts the gravity of the subject to which Reed is responding—pedagogy’s relationship to queer and feminist spirit and body.

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