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Grace Dodge Hall Ground Floor, Corridor

Caroline Woolard & Jeffery Warren

Solidarity Economy, 2018

Silkscreen on paper

14 x 17 inches

What might be called an “alternative” economy in the United States is known globally as the “solidarity economy.” The solidarity economy identifies and unites grassroots practices like lending circles, credit unions, worker cooperatives, community safety initiatives, etc., to form a forceful base of political power. The concept emerged in the global South and is now gaining support in the U.S. under many names including  the community economy, the peace economy, the workers’ economy, the social economy, the new economy, and so on.

As many people wake up to the reality that white supremacy threatens public health on a daily basis, a wide range of people are educating themselves, assertively dismantling structures of inequality and oppression in organizations, and learning to follow the lead of black and brown artists and organizers who have been under siege for centuries and who have long been leaders in the solidarity economy.


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